Job Seekers

PCS has been finding true career opportunities for candidates since 1986. We understand that there are many people looking for work and you want the best to represent you in your search. Many of our competitors simply run ads, put up billboards and plaster their names on the sides of buses and park benches. That’s not PCS. Each person’s needs are different and we understand that. At PCS, you are not just a number, but a unique person with a unique personality and background and your needs are your needs and not someone else’s.

At PCS, you won’t see our name every time you turn around. We’ll leave that to those who simply operate in the assembly line of staffing. Our mantra is that of quality far and above quantity. In the end, if a person accepts an opportunity that isn’t the right one, who benefits? No one does. We provide detail to each candidate as to each position you might be a fit and let YOU decide. While it seems like a novel idea, it shouldn’t be. It should be the way everyone operates. To us, it’s just the right way.

PCS looks at each skill set as unique. That’s good because each client has unique needs. PCS works hard to find good, qualified candidates based on their unique skills and experiences. Things like a good work history, clean background, great references all speak to quality. Those with the best of these will generally be placed. However, PCS understands that economic times do not always allow for everything to be perfect and we want to do our very best for those who may not have “perfection” in everything. That’s where the skill of over 30 years of recruiting prowess comes to play. Sometimes, the “right” person isn’t obvious at first. That’s what it’s all about. It’s about finding out what’s “hidden” beneath the surface of a candidate.

Stay in touch with us! When we call, answer us! Send us your resume and be dependable! In this digital age and countless media outlets ranging from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, we are no exception!

We receive numerous messages a day and you being adamant in what you want helps us help you! Make your voice heard! It’s a partner relationship, lets both reach our goals!