For Employers

Your position is tough enough without the added pressures of trying to find quality talent to fulfill the demands of your successful business. By teaming with PCS, you can increase your productivity by focusing your skills where they’re needed most. We handle the burden of sorting through resumes, interviewing applicants and checking references. This allows you precious additional time to devote towards major projects. Let’s face it; in today’s culture of needing to accomplish the most with the least, you shouldn’t be burdened by recruiting candidates as well. That’s where PCS shines. That’s what we do.

PCS works to help our clients by providing technical personnel in the areas of engineering, scientific disciplines, information technology, accounting, finance, administrative and light industrial. By forging a firm recruiting relationship and partnership with you, we are able to better able to discern your unique needs. Our large internal database of candidates, networking focus, as well as the more common tools and our meticulous recruiting standards allow PCS to pick the right person to meet your needs. PCS has nearly 40 years of proven staffing abilities and unparalleled service and quality and is working to improve daily.

We offer Temp to Direct, Direct staffing, and even Payrolling Placement to better serve a wide variety of client company’s. We work together with our clients to find the best option for their financial and staffing needs.