What To Expect

You may find our answers unlike anyone else you’ve dealt with.

First, we require a resume written by you. No one knows your skills like you. We understand that everyone doesn’t know how to best express their skills, so upon submitting you to one of our clients, we will re-write your resume to best describe your experiences. We will often call you several times to get it just right.

Second, we’ll send you details on any job we feel you might be a fit for. You can also track jobs on our website because new jobs come in every day and it’s tough to keep you updated on each one. Your resume will be sent to clients only after you have approved the opportunity. You will know when PCS sends your resume out. Most of our competitors don’t bother telling you because it takes too much time or they don’t want to share the company name with you. We just can’t comprehend that. We feel all that plays into your decision making. Sure, we have lost deals over doing things the right way. Maybe we were a little slower or maybe a candidate didn’t want to be presented to a particular company, but we’re happy to “lose a deal” doing it the right way any day. We believe we’ll win in the long haul and so will you.

Finally, you will know who you can call for answers. Often times the needs of our clients change, rendering your skills not needed or the timing of projects can change, creating a longer wait time. You need to know whom to call. With PCS, you will.

You will have the opportunity to work directly with a recruiter attuned to your field of expertise who will guide you through positions in which you are a fit. PCS will never submit your resume without your knowledge.