Corey G.

“PCS is a great company! From someone who has never worked with a recruiting firm before, they (PCS) really went above and beyond to help me. I quit my dead end job and not even two weeks later they found me a direct hire (career) as an electro/mechanical technician with a fantastic company. Brooke, who was my recruiter, was amazing. She contacted me with two companies who both had amazing opportunities. She even contacted me on her off hours to let me know what was going on and what I needed to do even though most would have waited until the beginning of the week, which was amazing to me. It really showed me the commitment and passion they have to help people. PCS Technical Services will be my go to place if anything should ever happen in the future.”

Glen B.

Senior Mechanical Designer – P&G

“I first started working for PCS in 1996 and have stayed with the company pretty much the whole time except for about 4 years when I did some full time work. I have had several long term assignments and a couple of short ones thru the years going from mechanical detailer to architectural designer to senior mechanical design today.

This journey has taken me through many different aspects from doing 2D Auto Cadd to 3D Solid Edge and 3D Solid Work to doing 3D printing of parts. Not all of my experiences have been with drawing and designing I also do audits of existing equipment, field measuring equipment and work areas and doing work space layouts and field installation of equipment. In my carrier it’s almost I have gone full circle and now I am running most of the projects I’m involved in by scheduling the meeting to running the meetings to purchasing and inspecting the equipment to inserting the documents into the companies data base. To perform a lot of the duties I do travel a lot to plants and vendors which is a field I have learned very well being able to handle last minute changes or delays to get you to your destination knowing how to work the system to achieve your goal.

I worked for many year full time before PCS and a few in the middle, but saw no real advantage to being a full time employee because they will lay you off just as fast as they will a contractor. There is no loyalty between a company and its workers anymore. The disadvantage is you need to start from the beginning finding another job instead of calling PCS and letting them know your available to work on another contract. It’s a good feeling knowing while your working today someone is working for your tomorrow.”

Willie S.

Human Resources Manager – Givaudan Flavors Corp – Carthage Facility

“I have used other personnel services that have tried to place me in positions just to get the job filled by Friday. PCS seemed genuinely concerned with my wants and needs and took care in finding me a new employer that I felt comfortable with. I would highly recommend the staff at PCS to anyone looking for a change in their job status. They are definitely top shelf.”

Chris E.

Architectural Designer & Revit Technician

“I have word for other technical contract companies before, but was very impressed with PCS from the first phone call. In my first face to face meeting at their office, it seemed to me that PCS’s goal was not to just put me in a seat for an hourly rate. PCS genuinely seemed interested in finding me a position that was a perfect fit for my skill-set. PCS placed me at Apple Sauce, Inc., an Applebee’s franchisee with over 50 restaurants in their network. It was truly a perfect fit and I was never happier. Every time I had a question about anything, payroll, holiday or health care, PCS was quick to reply and get my question answered. It was great to deal with a company that put their people first. I am always telling people how great PCS is. Thank You PCS for everything!”

Jennifer T.

CFO / Director, Finance & Administration – Nease Co. LLC

“Working with Dave Newnam and his team at PCS Technical Services to find quality, relevant candidates for our team has proven to be a wise business decision. Not only is the team quick to respond with qualified candidates, they were thorough in vetting the position for nuances that candidates would want to know. Dave’s team was always available to discuss specific issues and to schedule follow-up interviews or discussions. In addition, they were always learning from our conversations, tweaking the process to fit our unique needs. This is one business relationship for which I never think of the cost before the service, knowing we are paying for what we are getting. Quality Service every time.”

Dennis N.

Cincinnati, Ohio

“PCS called me about a couple of job opportunities. I sent in my resume and they set me up with an interview. I went on the interview and I thought it went very well, except the client was holding out for a person that had a very unique expertise. I discussed this with the folks at PCS and they sensed, from what I told them about this, that this was not the best opportunity for me. I did not think the client would find the person they were looking for any time soon.

PCS then set me up for an interview with another client. I had a phone interview with the client’s HR department. The interview went very well. I was informed that they wanted me to come to their facility for a face to face interview and to take three tests. I did very well on the tests and with the interview, but I did not get the position.

PCS contacted me and said that the client was trying to fit me into another role. I told PCS that I had a couple of other job offers on the table and I would try to wait and see what this client had to offer. I then was asked to come back to their facility for more interviews and testing. I told them I had to have an answer in four days because I could not keep the other companies waiting any longer. They called on the fourth day and made me a formal offer. I started a week later.

PCS was great thru this whole process. They always returned my calls promptly and got all of the info I asked for. The people I worked with are a great asset to the company. I have even referred a couple of my friends to them. Keep up the good work.”

Celia R.

Human Resources Manager – Western States

“My experience with PCS has been great. Dave Newnam’s knowledge of our business has saved me a lot of time. He has made the effort to learn about the company, the products we made, etc. so he can find the best candidates for us. PCS will do the run work for you, and only send you the resumes that match the skillset you are looking for, as well as good personality fits for your company culture. I am looking forward to working with them for many years to come for my staffing needs. Thank you PCS!”

Denise S.

Human Resources Manager – Kutol Products Company, Inc.

“Kutol Products Company has been pleased to have a long standing partnership with Dave Newnam at PCS Technical Services. Over the years PCS has helped to recruit and place several well skilled Maintenance Technicians with our company. Thanks for helping to keep our plant and equipment up and running!”

Jason R.

“From the moment I called PCS the service was professional, timely, and geared toward my field. Lindy seemed concerned and interested in finding me a technical position that fits my needs. I worked at RBI which unfortunately didn’t work out and was able to start another position at Midwest Specialty right away at the same level of my technical and employment needs. This also lead to direct employment. I am pleased with the service of PCS and the energy put into helping me with my employment needs. I will definitely recommend anyone looking for career services.”

Deborah O.

“I moved to Cincinnati in 2004 with my family and I searched on my own for employment & was not getting anywhere; it was very hard for me to find a job in Cincinnati. I ended up speaking with a lady that told me about PCS Tech; took me a while to contact them, as I was trying to find employment on my own. I started working with PCS Tech back in November 2005. Spoke with Alyson Patulski sent her my resume; she re-assured me of helping me get a job to my likings & financial wages and she did worked at the company for 9 years that had good benefits with a relaxing environment.

This company hired me on never worked a day on PCS payroll; this company was inspired with my backgrounds and hired me directly into their company. NOT all companies would hire directly in which is understanding.

Called PCS Tech and spoke with Stuart Meyers; sent him my resume and helped me within week(s) of finding employment. Contacted Stuart every week to show I was a dedicated person. In 2015 I left that 9 year company seeking a company that could offer me more. I have great pleasure saying PCS is a great company to work with on getting you a job that’s worth staying at and that could offer decent / good benefits with a great environment being in.

PCS employees take great pride in finding a person a good job!”

Michael F.

Plant Manager – Three Bond International, Inc.

“I have been working with PCS Technical Services for over 15 years. As a Plant Manager, I have found that PCS Technical Services consistently outperforms all other staffing agencies. PCS is now my sole source for all staffing needs from general laborers to scientists to experienced management. Their process for selecting personnel for positions is extremely robust and produces candidates that meet my exacting requirements. Furthermore, they have intimate knowledge of all facets of the labor market which helps to select appropriate candidates with the proper compensation.

At one point, I was in search of over 30 personnel for several different positions. PCS’s staff guided me through the process of filling so many positions. They started by taking my requirements and honing in on the key qualifications and attributes necessary for each candidate. PCS then started a recruitment process to find the appropriate personnel. When the 30 personnel started at my plant, PCS was extremely responsive and on site daily for several weeks to make sure all candidates were working as planned.

PCS’s staff is filled with top-notch account managers, recruiters and administrators with a strong passion for serving their clients with integrity. I have found them to be responsive, knowledgeable, and attentive to ever detail. PCS looks out for the well-being of their clients and equally important, the well-being of the people they place. I would recommend them to any business that is seeking a quality staffing agency.”