PCS is committed to community outreach and involvement. We know that we cannot do everything, but we believe that together and through partnerships, we can have a much wider impact in our local community. Our staff and their families are regularly involved in community events. Please join us in our journey to give back. Visit this page as well as our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to watch our journey unfold.

Our Philosophy

PCS has selected The Dragonfly Foundation as its Premier Sponsorship. We found we have many connections both through friends and business partners but also directly through our own staff as though it was just meant to be. Together, with other supporters and the Dragonfly team, we can do something big and have a real impact on the lives Dragonfly is privileged to support. While we support various aspects of the work Dragonfly is doing through volunteerism and publication, one area we have become particularly interested in is the area of Student Outreach. This program is maturing and has been developed to expose and educate students about youth with cancer. Please consider joining with us to support Dragonfly where they help their clients find strength, courage, and joy.

– Joel Heckart, President

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