IDTitleRateLocationExperience NeededContract to Direct or Direct
#1656723NDT Inspector$175k Cincinnati, OH5 years experience of NDT experience, level 3 inspector in at least 3 industry recognized NDT methods, actively participate in schedule and production, supervising and leading NDT inspectorsD
#1664963Production Lead$24 - $26/hrCincinnati, OH7+ years of manufacturing and manufacturing supervising experience, experience with CNC programming, set up, and training new employeesC-D
#1665076Assembler$19 - $21/hrVandalia, OHExperience with assembling parts, setting clearances, some welding, sit lift forklift familiar, basic knowledge of hand, pneumatic and electric toolsD
#1665213Electrical Engineer$70k - $80kLebanon, OHBachelors degree in related field, 10 years electrical engineering experience, knowledge of standard engineering techniques and procedures, experience with development of project schedules, electrical equipment, and electrical design of conceptual projectsD
#1665444Assembler$18/hrOakley, OHExperience with pulling parts, testing products, mechanical aptitude, ability to follow assembly drawingsD
#1665443Welder - 2nd Shift$45kOakley, OHExperience with formal welding, wire fed manual, ASME qualified, following work ordersD
#1666008Administrative & Shipping Assistant$18 - $20/hrDayton, OH2+ years experience with administrative work, shipping orders, computer work, and preparing documents for shippingC-D
#1666007Administrative & Sales Assistant$20 - $22/hrDayton, OHExperience with administration, costing, preparing quotes, ERP systems, and order processingC-D
#1666009Draftsman$25/hrDayton, OHExperience with SolidWorks, creating new parts, and creating assemblies and drawingsC-D
#1609417Maintenance Mechanic$23 - $25/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with maintenance mechanic sills, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenanceC-D
#1667888CNC Programmer$32 - $35/hrCincinnati, OHExperience reading blueprints, programming machines, operating CNC machines, and performing set upsC-D
#1625938Aluminum Welder$20 - $25/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with MIG welding, reading blueprints, fabricating, and testing weld qualityC-D
#1670263Industrial Painter$20 - $23/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with industrial painting and using painting toolsC-D
#1668245General Laborer$17.50/hrErlanger, KYExperience with production, ability to lift 35 lbs, and readiness to learn and work hardC-D
#1667624Mechanical Assembler$20 - $22/hrWest Chester, OHExperience with working from schematics, assembly, industrial maintenance D
#1668561Electrical Controls Technician$20 - $25/hrDayton, OHExperience with troubleshooting electrical work, running cable, ability to read electrical construction drawings, AutoCAD, hydraulic schematicsD
#1668457General Laborer$16.50/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with reading and understanding production orders, moving and handling materials, and frequent liftingC
#1667617Electrical Designer Engineer$65K - $75KWest Chester, OHExperience with PC, Microsoft OS, AutoCAD, creating design drawings, develop PLC ladder logic softwareD
#1666404Service Technician$24 - $32/hrHamilton, OHExperience with forklift, reading mechanical/electrical drawings, repairing machines and machine toolsD
#1668722Electrical Mechanical Technician - 2nd & 3rd$26 - $28/hrErlanger, KYExperience with maintenance, PLC, understanding of operations, knowledge of Allen-Bradley softwareC-D
#1668596Maintenance Technician$60K - 66KDayton, OHExperience with industrial experience reading blueprints, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting CNC machining equipmentD
#1644282Welder$18 - $21/hrCincinnati, OHExperience in welding, reading and understanding blueprints, using hand tools, and preparing materialsC
#1659236Corrugated Machine Operator$20 - $24/hrHamilton, OHExperience with machine operation and preventative maintenanceD
#1662487Die Cutter$15 - $17/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with die cutter, quality, and daily productionC-D
#1668500Take Up Operator$17/hrWest Chester, OHExperience operating forklift, operating machineC-D
#1666512CNC Programmer$30 - $40/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with creating 3D models Solidworks, reading blueprints, training employees, troubleshooting, programming and running 3 and 5 axis CNC mills & lathesD
#1670262Customer Care Support Technician$25 - $40/hrBlue Ash, OHExperience with electrical engineering or electromechanical engineering associate degree, troubleshooting, ERP systems, and repairing press modelsD
#1670270Field Service Technician$25 - $40/hrBlue Ash, OHExperience assembling, repairing, troubleshooting, installing, and adjusting parts and flexographic printing presses and realted equipmentD
#1670257Maintenance Technician$27/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with maintenance work: PLC, troubleshooting, maintaining, repairing, pipe fittingD
#1667375Maintenance Technician$27 - $30/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with troubleshooting electrical panels and logic controllers, building electrical panels and basic mechanical knowledgeC-D
#1670990Security Technician$32 - 35/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with installing, terminating and or programming security devises, 10+ years installing security systems in commercial environment, basic understanding of locksD
#1670995Project Manager$70 - 80KCincinnati, OHExperience in relations, project management, reaching project goals, managing project turnover, completing estimates, and administrative tasksD
#1670666Maintenance Technician$18 - $25/hrAmelia, OHExperience with preventative maintenance, hand and power tools, install, maintain and repair injection molding machinery, PLC troubleshooting, and ability to read blueprintsC-D
#1670266Welder$23 - 27/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with MIG & TIG welding, Fluxcore, plasma cutting, reading and interpreting documents, repairing, clean or degreasing parts, and performing necessary maintenanceC-D
#1668727Press Operator - 2nd Shift$25/hrErlanger, KYExperience with offset printing experience, feeding press machine and performing routine press maintenance, monitoring press supplies, and operation press feederC-D
#1670250Draftsman$18 - 20/hrVandalia, OHExperience with AutoCAD, Draftsight, Solidworks, any light IT skill and communicationC-D
#1670957Controls Engineer$75K - 100KDayton, OHExperience with designing electrical controls, schematics, and assist with assembly. Associates degree minimum is required.D
#1670988Accounts Payable Coordinator$20 - 23/hrWest Chester, OHExperience with sales, AP experience, accounts receivable, processing accounts invoices and payments, proper expense accounting, and CFO and staff accountant, AP functionC-D
#1671235Programming Machinist$24 - $25/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with programming and setting up CNC machines, reading and using measuring devices such as tape measure, micrometer, calipers, etc, operating forkliftC-D
#1670204Lead Decor Assembler$23 - $26/hrFairfield, OHExperience with carpentry, supervisor experience, reading tape measure, power tools, arm sawsC-D
#1667853Decor Assembler$20 - $25/hrFairfield, OHExperience 3-5 years of carpentry style experience, read blueprints, and using hand toolsC-D
#1659349Welder$23 - $28/hrFairfield, OHExperience with welding, fabricating, maintenance of tools, lathe operation, and MIG TIG FCAW welding, using cutting torch and plasma cuttingC-D
#1671469Manual Machinist$24 - $26/hrFairfield, OHExperience with manual machining and CNC machinesC-D
#1671521Manual Lathe Operator$25 - $30/hrMiddletown, OHExperience with read and interpret documents, holding close tolerances, surface finishes, manual lathe operation, using micrometersD
#1671124Kit Assembler$19 - $21/hrVandalia, OHExperience assembling products, fabrication and circuitry experienceC-D
#1671085Laser Operator$16 - $24/hrBlue Ash, OHExperience with measuring tools, hand tools, laser machine operation, loading and unloadingC-D
#1656717Machinist - 1st & 2nd Shift$20 - $30/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with CNC Machining, deburring parts, measurement instrumentsC-D
#1671520Electro Mechanical Machinist$23 - $38/hrUbana, OHExperience with maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and installation, preventative and corrective maintenance, fabrication, welding, and reading blueprintsD
#1660398CNC Mill Operator$20 - $24/hrMason, OHExperience with analyzing op sheets, blueprints, and mechanical drawings, analyzing CMM reports, cutting drilling and tapping holes with CNC millsC-D
#1660604CNC Lathe Operator$20 - $24/hrMason, OHExperience with inspecting parts with precision measuring tools, analyzing CMM reports, deburr operations, and reading blueprintsC-D
#1667320Manual Machinist$25 - $29/hrLebanon, OHExperience with operating machines, reading blueprints, set up, regulate machining factors, welding, and basic maintenance on machinesD
#1667317CNC Machinist$25 - $32/hrLebanon, OHExperience with setups, adjust, and operate CNC Machines, basic programming, read blueprints, and set controls, maintaining cutting toolsD
#1671518Maintenance Technician - 1st & 3rd Shift$23 - $38/hrUrbana, OHExperience with mechanical maintenance, mechanical and electro mechanical and repair on industrial equipmentD
#1671517Production Planner$25 - 27/hrUrbana, OHExperience with supply chain managment, production planning, sales and manufacturing, managing production orders, planning schedules and workflows for departments, and use SAP systemsD
#1667178Test Door Associate$20 - 25/hrMason, OHExperience with manufacturing, installation, testing, and maintaining inventoryC-D
#1671854Carpenter$18 - 20/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with carpentry, saws, cutting equipment, and saw maintenance calibration and troubleshooting. C-D
#1671620CNC Machinist$21 - $23/hrFairfield, OHExperience with CNC operation. Haas CNC, blueprint reading, various measuring equipment, VPS programmingC-D
#1671873Production Supervisor$55k - 70kFairfield, OHExperience with CAD, overseeing production, training team members, maintaining inventory, and having a machining or fabrication backgroundC-D
#1671899Fabrication Technician$18 - 22/hrFairfield, OHExperience reading blueprints, assembly, drilling, milling, loading trucks, receiving, inventory management, and shippingC-D
#1671622Quality Technician$25 - 30/hrFairfield, OHExperience with quality, troubleshooting equipment, internal audits, fabrication, assembly and machining qualityC-D
#1670955CNC Machinist$22 - $32/hrDayton, OHExperienced with programming, setup, machining, sub assembly, and precision measurement equipmentD
#1670268CNC Machinist$23 - 28/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with setup, daily routine maintenance on machines, operating CNC Machines, using tools and equipment, operating multiple machines at onceC-D
#1671856Material Handler$18/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with storing and distributing materials, pick and pack, loading and unloading, inventory records, routine maintenance, warehouseC-D
#1671624Automated Controls Engineer$28 - $32/hrDayton, OHExperience with PLC and Ladder Logic, hand and power tools, electro-mechanical troubleshooting, HMI system proficiencyD
#1667860Controls Engineer$100k - 110kHarrison, OHExperience on engineering, developing estimates and scheduling, manage installation, maintenance technician work, 5-10 years process/project experience, chemical engineeringD
#1671899Fabrication Technician$18 - $22/hrFairfield, OHExperience with fabrication, layout, drilling, milling, assembly, loading trucks, inventory management, painting and shipping, blueprint reading, and assemblyC-D
#1672002Material Coordinator$16/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with data entry, forklift, inventory, data recordings, ERP softwareC
#1633689CNC Machine Operator$25 - $35/hrLebanon, OHExperience with set ups, adjusting, maintenance and inspecting CNC Machine tools, reading blueprints and plans, operate CNC equipment, lathes and millsD
#1672242Power Unit Assembler$21 - $23/hrVandalia, OHExperience with quality, assembly, handling inventory fabrication and circuitry experienceC-D
#1672000Machine Operator$18 - 21/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with machine setup, quality checks, setup, working with production team, correct productsC-D
#1672097Bare Copper - 3rd Shift$17/hrWest Chester, OHExperience with setting up reels, forklift, changing dies, being able to lift a minimum of 40lbsC-D
#1672096Extrusion Operator$19/hrWest Chester, OHExperience with setting up and operating machinery, troubleshooting, forklift operation, problem solving skillsC-D
#1672244Assembler$17 - $18/hrFairfield, OHExperience with saws, hand and power tools, forklift, reading blueprints, assemblyC
#1673201Production Manager$85K - 100KFairfield, OHExperience with Microsoft Office, reading blueprints, quality control, and managing programs of high volumeD
#1672868Project Specialist$75K - 85KFairfield, OHExperience with project management experience, reading blueprints, review overheads, estimate and quote projects, and overseeing processD
#1673219Production Supervisor$30 - $35/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with machine setups, changeovers, and adjustments, quality assurance, and completing production planD
#1673122Controls Engineer$75K - 120KBeavercreek, OHExperience with developing programs, designing electrical drawings, and developing new product linesD
#1673120Tool & Die Maker$50 - 60KSpringfield, OHExperience with CNC Mill, lathe, and surface grinders, maintaining equipment, SolidWorks, CAD/CAM software, reading calipers, micrometers, and blueprintsD
#1673117Welder$20 - $21/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with reading blueprints, setting up machines, using MIG/TIG welding techniques, repairing products using welding, utilizing ERP systems, preparing surfaces for weldingC-D
#1672823PLC Programmer$50 - $60/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with PLC & HMI programming, AutoCAD, and evaluating control systems, Familiarity with Allen BradleysD
#15673117Welder$20 - 21/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with MIG/TIG welding, maintaining and repairing equipment, inspecting finished products, utilizing ERP systems, reading blueprintsC-D
#1672907Maintenance Technician$25 - $32/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with industrial maintenance, forklift, quality, welding, and basic electrical skillsD
#1673069Crate Builder$20/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with building, and assembly, ability to read tape measure, read drawings, forklift operation, strapping and bandingC-D
#1673082HR Generalist$55K - 60KDayton, OHExperience with HR, project management, Microsoft OS, typing, employee relations, data analysis, reporting, and filingD
#1673302Service Technician$45K - 55KCincinnati, OHExperience with troubleshooting, repairs, preventative maintenance, PLC, mechanical and plumbing skillsD
#1673070R&D Engineer$55K - 65KWest Chester, OHExperience with product development, evaluating samples, modifying products, making new products and testing with consumersD
#1672905Maintenance Technician$17 - $26/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with maintaining, minor repairs, CNC Machine tools, hydraulics, electronics, electrical, and mechanical systems, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and HVAC workC-D
#1673253Production Supervisor$75KCincinnati, OHExperience with manufacturing and manufacturing supervision, coordinating production schedules, training employees, implementing programs related to cost and operational efficiencyC-D
#1673430Quality Inspector$20 - $24/hrFairfield, OHExperience with quality, mechanical background, perform receiving inspections, reading machining tolerance symbols, CAD/technical drawingsC-D
#1673431Material Coordinator$18/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with forklift, crane use, data entry, cycle count sheets with inventory, loading and unloading, ERP software, pull and stock partsC
#1673432Shipping Receiving Clerk$18/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with data entry, preventative maintenance, material handling, forklift, and ability to life up to 30lbs on regular basisC
#1673433Assembler$17/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with assembling, using hand tools, adjusting component parts, verifying heat numbers, and examining product qualityC-D
#1673434Manual Machinist$18/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with setting up, operating, and troubleshooting manual machines, reading blueprints, and using precision measurement equipmentC
#1673252Programming Machinist$24 - $25/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with setting, fabricating parts, programming and maintaining CNC machines, operating forklifts, entering data, and ability to read blueprintsC-D
#1673251Machine Operator$18 - $20/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with CNC turret punch operation, shear operation, and forklift operationC-D
#1673469CNC Machine Operator$18/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with setting up, operating, and troubleshooting CNC and NC machines, using precision measuring devices, reading blueprints, and familiarity with quality processesC-D
#1673437Molder$18/hrCincinnati, OHExperience with setting up, and operating an extrusion machine, reading blueprints, ability to use hand, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric toolsC-D
#1673568Painter$20 - $22/hrFairfield, OHExperience with painting using airless and gun cups, spray painting different types of materials, doing prep work, and moving products, must be able to lift 25 - 40lbsC-D
1673624I-Cut Operator$18-21/hr Fairfield, OHCNC type router/cutter, tape measure reading, good mathematics skills, Microsoft 365 (Office)Contract to Direct
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